Handwriting analysis expert witness fl

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Handwriting Analysis Expert Witnesses

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Forensic Handwriting Comparison Expert Witnesses

No Broker. Browse Expert Witness and Consultant Profiles, CVs and Articles in areas of expertise. Find Expert Witnesses in Handwriting Analysis. Carolyn Kurtz has been a Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner since Certified by the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners (S.A.F.E.) in and board certified by the World Association of Document Examiners (W.A.D.E.) in Handwriting Analysis Expert Witnesses.

Legal professionals in handwriting analysis can advise, prepare reports, and present expert witness testimony in cases involving the identification of authorship of contested legal documents such as checks, deeds, wills, insurance policies, and contracts.

Expert witnesses who are available to give opinions regarding the identification of handwriting may be found by clicking on the following links. Experts found here may give opinions regarding ink differentiation, forensic handwriting, and handwriting analysis.

These consultants may provide reports concerning overwriting, interlineation, page substitution, and page insertion. Handwriting experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Florida legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Florida.

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Handwriting analysis expert witness fl
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