Imc plan for mcdonald

The standardized advertising campaign is being used because business class travelers around the world share certain common traits. In global advertising strategies which use both customization and standardization in their campaigns, certain characteristics of the brand image and brand personality are retained.

Cultural barriers and differences have a very important impact on the decision of standardization or customization. The aim of advertising is to communicate information about the products and services of the business to the consumers; pursue the customers to buy the products and services of the business and create and strengthen the brand image by positioning the brand in the minds of the customers.

Brand positioning refers to the way in which the company has positioned its products and services in the minds of the customers. Customization may also become necessary when the advertising campaign uses celebrities.

McDonalds IMC Plan

BMW is running a global print campaign in which the advertisement of i8 appears in all major print publications, like The Economist and the Time This advertising campaign is a highly standardized one. Customized advertising means that the company uses different advertising campaign in different countries.

The visual is that of a woman sitting comfortably on green comfortable chairs of the Premium Economy class. The visualization of this ad is in the turquoise light green colors of Cathay Pacific. BMW strives to maintain one single global brand image. Customized advertising caters well to the unique sensibilities of a particular market.

Having different ad campaigns in the numerous different national markets would have sharply pulled up the costs as it would have required hiring many different advertising agencies and duplication of efforts. BMW succeeds in charging a premium price for its products because of its premium brand image.

Customized advertising means that the company uses different advertising campaign in different countries.

BMW i8 is the electric car model of the company. So a brand like Coca-Cola runs one advertisement in China and another one in neighboring India because of differences in cultural sensibilities of the target audience.

So it may be a good idea that companies use different taglines in the different languages in which they are running their ad campaigns. Such a strategy is usually more effective than purely standardized or customized ad campaigns.

Integrated Marketing Communication of McDonald

The ads are being run in all the premium print publications which are popular among its target group — the upper income group and affluent ones. A standardized ad campaign has also saved costs for BMW because of benefits accrued from economies of scale. Sometimes companies change both their products and promotional campaign as they move across countries.

May 08,  · Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) means coordinating promotional efforts using major communication strategies. The effective IMC is involved a blend of the elements, like advertising, sales promotion, public relations, events and so on.

Integrated marketing communications use a mix of communication methods to communicate with the target customers of the company.

Advertising through mass media like newspapers and television is the most popular communications method which is used by integrated marketing communications (Philip Kotler, Kevin Kohler, ).

Integrated Marketing Communication of McDonald

McDonalds IMC Plan. Table of Contents Communication Objectives Communication Strategy Communication Tactics IMC Programs. Communication Objectives Target Audience Is relatively a homogenous group consumers feel that it is all the same and wanting it at the lowest price Slideshow.


Introduction This following paper outline an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plan for Subway restaurants. The plan will discuss the promotion of Subways’ 50th anniversary of operation.

In an attempt to change the public perceptions, and to build up a healthier public image to McDonald’s, an IMC campaign is designed. It is a. McDonald's IMC Plan Brand extension A healthy alternative Table of Content McEco concept Conclusion SWOT analysis McEco Product A fresh, healthy sandwich, made with local ingredients and packaged with sustainable materials Price 3,90 € Place Promotion IMC Plan IMC Plan.

Integrated Marketing Communications plan for Kmart. The target audience of female shoppers between the ages of 18 and 45 is the focus of the proposed campaign.

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